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Amaretto Butterscotch Coffee Cocktail

Last week was all about Bourbon, and this week is all about Amaretto.  Amaretto is my favorite liqueur, especially when combined with coffee and butterscotch; the aroma is warm, sweet, and all holiday.  I first served this cocktail a few years ago at Christmas where my boozy drink loving sister and I enjoyed several.  It’s what sisters do, right?My favorite kind of espresso liqueur is GRIND.  It has flavors of rich espresso and the sweetness of coconut due to the rum.  The nose on that is something you can smell all day; I love it on the rocks for an apré ski cocktail.  I think the coffee makes all the difference in this cocktail too so make sure to use the one you enjoy.  For me, it’s Starbucks Espresso Roast since that is what I drink every morning and my palate is used to it.  I buy any butterscotch liqueur I can find and I could smell that all day too!I find that boozy coffee drinks are so fun for parties and snow days.  If you don’t like Amaretto you could use Bailey’s or Kahlúa.  Just thinking about all these fun different coffee drinks makes me think I need to do a post only on coffee cocktails.  Look for that soon!

As I’m writing this, I’m on an airplane to Palm Beach, Florida where I doubt I’ll be drinking warm coffee boozy cocktails.  But for those of you in warm climates for the holidays, I got to wondering how this would taste iced?  I bet it would be really tasty so if you (Jenny that’s you!) try it, let me know!

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