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Easy Arugula Avocado Crab Cakes

The invention of online grocery shopping has changed my life.  Let me give a shout out to Fred Meyer Click List.  The Fred Meyer (Kroger) by my house is busy all the time.  It’s impossible to find a parking spot, and when it’s pouring down rain, I abandon my grocery mission and pick up Papa Murphy’s.  But with online ordering, I order my groceries Saturday or Sunday night, while kicking back with wine in hand watching a movie with my kids. I can order the ingredients for these quick and easy crab cakes, pick up my groceries in the morning, and have time before dinner for more wine. Super awesomeness.  

Canned Crab Cakes?

Last week while searching for canned tuna for my cats birthday feast, canned crab came up on the screen.  Say what?  I didn’t know that Bumble Bee made a canned crab.  I was so excited to try it out that I substituted the salmon cakes on the menu for dinner with crab cakes.  I’m so glad I did too.  You might expect canned crab to be nasty like canned tuna, but it didn’t smell, it looked really fresh, and tasted delicious.  I’m crossing my fingers Freddies doesn’t delete it out of the set anytime soon.

Crab Cakes for the Lazy Cook

I find crab cakes an easy (because you know I’m lazy) and filling appetizer to serve at parties and on busy weeknights.  For $4/can, I think the price is reasonable and canned crab is a hella lot easier and cheaper than using fresh crab.  I love these so much, I’ve added them to our monthly menu rotation.  I adapted this crab cake recipe from The Plan Diet cookbook.  The Plan crab cake recipe is decent, but I added arugula, avocado, sriracha and parmesan to mine.  And bread.  All the carbs!These crab cakes are delicious with the Happy Lush Raspberry and Lime Punch.  If you haven’t seen that recipe yet, you should head on over. 

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