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Tasty Good Bolognese Sauce

Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I love my bolognese sauce. Okay, maybe I am tooting my own horn, but I’m pretty proud of my sauce and could eat a whole bowl on top of noodles, spinach, rice or just by itself.  But have you ever worked on something and been really proud of it and then somebody makes a comment and ruins the whole thing? That’s what I let my husband do.  Well, I guess he didn’t ruin it just annoyed me more than anything.Bolognese in two white bowls

Is that Hamburger Helper?

I put a bowl of steaming hot rigatoni and this bolognese sauce in front of my husband and his response was- “oh are we having hamburger helper?”  WHAT THE.   I was like- “I have worked hard on this sauce, tried out different variations, and this one is delicious.  And these noodles, these noodles are gourmet rigatoni noodles that cost more than all the food in our fridge.  What the hell is your problem?”  Now you should know this is all said in jest because, well, Tim, doesn’t know any better. And there was love in my tone.  But still, I need new taste testers!

Now or Later

But if you are not into Hamburger Helper and you are into good sauce that simmers all day long, then this recipe is for you. I’m usually not a fan of recipes that take forever in a day, but this one is worth it.  The prep doesn’t take long at all which is a must on my list, but it’s the simmering that takes awhile. Make it on a Sunday and let it simmer away while you go about laundry, yard work, or helping the kids with their homework.  You’ll end up with a sauce with great depth of flavor, but if you are in a hurry (when are we not?), you can eat it as soon as you slap it all together.

Bolognese in a big bowlBolognese sauce with wineFamily Recipes are the BEST!

The base for this sauce is from my Grandma Corwin’s meatball recipe. Make sure not to miss that one; they are so good!  But she used a mix of ground pork, ground beef, and nutmeg. I  think nutmeg adds so much to the flavor and is a little secret ingredient. Rather than plain ground sausage, I upgraded to SPICY.  That was probably just my mood the day I was working on this recipe, but it adds more flavor.

Chopped carrots and celery sneak in a few veggies but also to add a little more texture and then I think all sauces should have black olives.  As far as the tomato sauce is concerned, use a high-quality tomato paste and one can of regular diced tomatoes and one can of smoked diced tomatoes.   I use sage, rosemary and thyme..que Simon and Garfunkel, but really any herbs you like, toss them in and make it your own.  After all, that’s what makes cooking so much fun!

Make this bolognese sauce and pair with a bottle of Barolo for the perfect at home date night!  Light a fire and some candles, let the kids watch a movie, and make it a night to remember:)  That’s what being a Happy Lush is all about!

If you made this recipe, let me know what you think! Reply below.

Bolognese in two bowls


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