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Champagne Cherry Gelatin Mold

I love old cookbooks and get many an inspiration from the recipes of the 50’s and 60’s.  The Joy of Cooking is my favorite and I especially love the “mold” section.  So many of the dishes crack me up. I can’t seriously believe someone would want to make and then actually eat molded cream fish.  I’m so glad that’s out of fashion.  Still, the recipes take me back to when I was little and in my grandma’s kitchen.  We almost always had Christmas dinner at her house and there was a beautiful fruit-filled gelatin mold on the table every year.

Your grandma may have served a gelatin mold too but you might be caught dead before serving that on your hipster holiday buffet.  But folks I’m telling you, you’re missing out!  First off, anything you can put alcohol in and shoot, sip, or eat gets a gold star from me.  Secondly, getting a pass to eat marshmallows and whip cream with dinner is an automatic “ends up on the menu” type of dish.  This is something my kids and I actually agree on. You can replace the cold water in this recipe with as little or as much sparkling wine as you’d like.  This is a grown-up recipe so if the whole family will be enjoying this, make sure to limit the sparkling wine.

I thought about buying the Jell-O brand dye free, organic, whatever the crap gelatin but then I thought about it for a second.  I mean, would a gelatin mold even be a gelatin mold without all the dye, chemicals, and crap?  No.  So I went old school and got the regular cherry Jell-O.  Then I picked out the fruit.  Oh, no folks, not all fresh, organic fruit that would take forever and a day to cut up but the canned WITH SYRUP fruit.  Oh yes, I did.  Regular canned whip cream and mini-marshmallows to top it off for the win.  Chill your mold in a bundt pan or a decorative cake pan to get the full effect. Once chilled and ready to serve, slice a knife down the edges of the pan to loosen the mold.  You can even run the bottom under some warm water but don’t do it too long or your gelatin will melt.  Flip the pan upside down on your serving dish and garnish with whip cream, marshmallows, or fresh fruit.  If you want to be super hipster, place the mold on top of freshly washed lettuce leaves.


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