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My Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie

My daughter LOVES to bake, so I’ve been gathering recipes and trying them out with her.  My favorite food website, magazine and TV show is Cooks Illustrated.  The step by step instructions and the science behind why you should do something a certain way is so helpful for me.  Plus I find it fascinating!  Ellie was dying to make cookies, and I’m not making up my own cookie recipe any time soon, so I turned to Cooks Illustrated instead.

chocolate chip cookieCookie rackCookie Science

I prefer a chewy chocolate chip vs. a crispy one and was delighted to find an article and recipe for the BEST chewy chocolate chip cookie. To produce a chewier cookie, I found out several things! First, you want to brown almost all the butter.  Not only does this make the cookie chewy but gives it a more complex flavor.  My baking friends who read my blog might be rolling their eyes about how basic this information is, but for me…mindblown!  Then I found out that rather than two eggs, use one egg and one egg yolk for a soft cookie. Again, fascinating!  And then when you allow the sugar mixture to rest for a few minutes, more of the sugar dissolves before baking which creates a cookie moist in the center and crispy on the edges. I also made sure to buy Ghirardelli 60% cocoa chocolate chips which were rated #1 by Cooks Illustrated.

ButterCookie ScoopThe Result

The cookie itself was chewy on the inside with crisp edges, and the flavor was sweet by not overly so.  There was a perfect ratio of chocolate chips to cookie and every cookie had enough chips.  You’ll want to make these cookies right away!

If you love to cook and bake or generally just enjoy reading about both, I encourage you to sign up for Cooks Illustrated.  You can get recipes like this and more right to your inbox.  It’s a paid subscription but worth it!

Cookie handTis the season for cookies! I hope you bake these up and enjoy with a nice hot cup of coffee.  What is your favorite cookie recipe?  I’d love to try it out!

Chocolate Chip Cookie

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