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Daily Diaries: Trust the Timing

I read a quote recently that said, “Trust the timing of your life.”

I love this. Much of my life I’ve been in a hurry. Do this, do that, get here, get there, excel here, learn this, work that…

It was utterly exhausting.

Then one day I decided I was going to slow down. I wouldn’t push the curriculum with homeschool, I wouldn’t feel we needed to see every single thing when we rolled into a new town, I wouldn’t meal plan every single meal and snack for the week…you get the idea.

I just decided to trust that my life would play out how it was supposed to even IF I wasn’t pushing, planning, and doing. And you know what? It’s working!

I still plan because I enjoy it but I leave a bunch of empty space in my week. I still push myself whether it’s a hard workout, trying something new, or getting vulnerable in a situation because that’s how you grow. And I still want to make sure my family is moving along and humming but we’re not in a hurry.

Space has opened up in my head and I feel I have time to think again. I’ve allowed myself to focus solely on my kids and not be cooking dinner and planning a lesson while playing a game with them. I’m allowing myself to trust the timing of my life to get it all done and it’s getting all done.

What are some things you like to do to slow the pace of your life down? I obviously can use some tips!

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