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Delicious Chocolate Holiday Fudge

This is a delicious chocolate holiday fudge that you can prep in about 20 minutes.  Super easy.  The recipe comes from my Aunt Muff, and the rumor is it’s the See’s Candy fudge recipe.  The recipe has been in my folder of family recipes for years, but it wasn’t until last Christmas that I finally made it.  It’s super rich so you can’t eat too much at one time but it holds well in your fridge so you can make it now and enjoy it throughout the rest of the Christmas season.
Delicious Holiday chocolate fudge

Nuts vs. No Nuts

My kids prefer this fudge without nuts, but I love chocolate and nuts, especially walnuts, so I usually sneak them in.  It breaks up the rich chocolate flavor, and I like the added crunch.  You could use your favorite nut for this fudge recipe, but I reach for pecans or walnuts, but even peanuts would be yummy.  Make sure you buy nut pieces and not whole nuts.  You want small pieces of nuts in the fudge, so each fudge piece has a little bit of crunch.

Delicious chocolate holiday fudge in bag

Rich and Delicious

If you are looking to eat healthy this Christmas, this delicious holiday chocolate fudge recipe is not for you.  It’s loaded with butter, sugar, evaporated milk, and tons of chocolate which is why it’s so delicious.  But like I mentioned, it’s so rich that you can’t eat a ton of it at one time so go ahead and enjoy yourself.

Make sure you use bakers sugar or use a food processor to grind up regular sugar, so it completely dissolves when you heat the milk and sugar together.  You must boil down the milk and sugar mixture for eleven minutes or until the mixture of sugar and milk browns, and it is slightly golden.  Then when you add the warm milk mixture to the chocolate, use a whisk to make sure the butter incorporates otherwise, you’ll end up with a pool of butter on top of your cooled fudge.  You may still have some, and that’s fine, but if you don’t whisk, it won’t look as pretty.  It still tastes fine so don’t worry about that:)

Delicious piece of chocolate holiday fudge

Size Matters

I like to pour my fudge mixture into an 11×13 pan lined with greased foil.  This way you can pull the fudge directly out of the pan, peel of the foil, and cut the fudge into pieces without having to scrub a pan.  Use a large knife that fits across the length of the fudge so you can cut easily.  I like to cut my pieces of fudge so you can drop one piece directly into your mouth, roughly the size of a mini Snickers or something like that.  I store mine in those reusable plastic containers but wrapping them up in cute paper sacks and giving them as Christmas gifts is fun too!  Just make sure to keep the fudge refrigerated.

I hope you enjoy this fudge recipe!  Let me know how it turns out by replying below.

Delicious chocolate holiday fudge pieces

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