Don’t Give Up and Stuff Like That…

Do you remember the first day of school jitters?  That feeling of being so nervous you might throw up but being so excited you couldn’t sit still?  Is my outfit right, will the cute boy sit by me on the bus, what if I get that mean math teacher? Those were the days, right?  Well, life can still be like that 30 years later!

I’ve been grinding it out for three years trying to build a business, and it’s had its shares of ups and downs.  When I started out my business model was completely different- I had a wine club and I held tastings in my home.  I thought I wanted to build a wine club and travel the world.  But over time I realized I wanted to have my own wine store.  So I shifted and opened a brick and mortar wine shop.  While I LOVED having my own store and connecting with other wine lovers, I quickly realized I never saw my kids.  I knew starting a business would take several years of hard work and time away from my family, but this was ridiculous and not what I wanted.  So I shifted again, closing my store and sitting still.

Really still ya’ll.  Too still.

I wandered around for a few months wondering if I would ever figure my shit out.  Worried.  Anxious. What if I never figured it out?


Shortly after I closed my store an older, retired man asked me how my retirement was going.  Really shit-head?  I’m not retired. First of all, I’m a mom so there’s that.  AND I’m spending every freaking moment trying to figure out what the heck I want to do with my life and how to be good at it.

Around October 2017 I decided I was going to get back into the mix and I created The Happy Lush.  I didn’t know what that meant except I wanted to connect with others, I wanted to blog and make recipes, I wanted to inspire, I wanted to do something that made me smile, and I wanted it to be bigger than just wine.  Something for me that filled me up and something for others to help fill them up.

The Happy Lush is a place where you can find answers to real-life situations.  Not pretty blog pictures with recipes that only a trained chef can prepare.  Not pictures of me in a bikini driving my sports car Livin’ La Vida Loca.  No, The Happy Lush is real life.  Kids that whine and break the rules and generally drive you to drink bottles of wine in an evening, relationship issues that are real and raw, showing up to the gym with your clothes on inside out, kitchens that are dirty and laundry piled so high you can’t reach the top.Being a Happy Lush means being there for each other.  Learning and pushing each other.  Laughing and crying together.  And most of all never giving up.  All over a bottle or two of wine, or vodka, or cookies, or cake…

You’ll see some new changes here at The Happy Lush over the next few months- new content direction, new website, new videos.  Before you freak out, YES, there will still be wine.  Lots of wine and all the wine things!  Stay up to date with all the changes and fun stuff over at our Facebook community.

Oh, and no matter what you are doing- KEEP GOING!  Maybe you are trying to break free and do something new.  If you feel stuck, scared, excited or anxious, feel free to reach out.  I’m here to listen and help!




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