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4 Ways to Plan Easter Wine on a Budget

Help!  Can I plan my Easter wine on a budget?

Yes, you can my dear, yes you can.  Over the last few weeks, people have started to ask me how to plan for Easter wine.  It seems like most people are worried they will pick the wrong wine to pair with the Easter ham and the entire meal will be ruined.

Don’t Stress The Wine Pairing!

First of all, if you have wine and it’s free, your family better be happy.  Second, if you are hosting Easter, have food, wine, AND it’s free, people better not say anything except Happy Easter and thank you for hosting!
Let’s not worry so much about the food and wine pairing at the Easter table and instead get excited to drink something fun.  Below are four easy ways to drink some good wine and keep some money in yo’ wallet this Easter.

Easter Wine ideas that won’t break the bank:

  1. For brunch, serve a bubbly.  A Mimosa bar or Bellini bar is festive and fun, and the kids can make mocktails with sparkling water.  Prosecco and Cava make great options on a budget. Here’s some Pinterest inspiration.
  2. Serve a red, a white, and a bubbly- this way you have wine for everyone. Try Grocery Outlet for bargain prices on good wines.
  3. Choose Spanish wines for great wine at a great value.  Try an Albarino for a white and a Garnacha for a red.
  4. For lamb (which is what we always have) serve a Monastrell (Mourvedre) or a Syrah. An oaked Chardonnay would be tasty too!  And Oregon Pinot Noir would be fantastic as well!

The Happy Lush Easter Wine Picks

Below are four Easter wines I recommend:

NV Adami Bosco Di Gica (Italy) $20.98: This is the Prosecco you pour for family and friends that like the bubbly.  It’s so much better than that blue labeled stuff at the grocery store.  It’s has a full body, a slight sweetness to it with soft bubbles.  I always drink it with brunch.

2014 David Hill Estate Pinot Noir (Oregon) $18.98: An Oregon Pinot Noir for under $20 that taste like it should be over $40.  This Pinot is light in body but not in flavor.  I found rich notes of dark berry and a hint of earthiness that makes it an excellent matchup for ham, lamb or BACON!

2015 Tenor Chardonnay (Washington) $53.98: On the spendy side when I just told you how to plan on a budget.  BUT it’s a holiday, and my mom likes it. (Do nice things for your mom, okay?) The wine has lovely oak on it, full body, with tropical fruit.  It is classy, and I can’t say enough about it.  If you like Chard with some oak and stuff going on, this is for you!

2015 Olivares Altos de la Hoya Monastrell (Spain) $13.98: My love for Monastrell (Mourvedre) runs deep.  It’s everything I want in a wine- red fruit and dark flavors, medium tannin and acidity, hint of spice, and it’s easy drinking!  This is a great wine for a crowd because it tastes good and it’s cheap!

Easter Wine Help!

Want FREE help planning out the wines for your Easter feast?  I would love to help you pair your meal with some select wines and can either source the wines for you or send you in the right direction to find them! Email me at or reply to this email to get help fast!

Happy Easter,

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