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Elderflower Moscato Cocktail

For all my sweet drink loving lushes out there, this cocktail is for you.  If you don’t know, Moscato is a frizzante style wine which means it’s bubbly but not super bubbly like Champagne. It’s made in Italy from the Muscat grape and you can usually identify it because of its grapey smell and sweet taste.  It’s low in alcohol around 6% and makes for an excellent brunch wine.

The Moscato I’m using today is by Centorri.  The winery is referred as “the ladies of Moscato” since it is owned and managed by women.  The wine is soft in the mouth and taste like grapes and stone fruits such as peaches and nectarines.  It has enough acid so it’s refreshing and not overly sweet.  I love it in cocktails because of the sweetness.  This time I combined it with Gin and elderflower to make a fun martini-style drink.  All you lushes know I’m super lazy when it comes to creating drinks so there’s not much to this one. I like my cocktails COLD so I pre-froze my martini glasses then shook all the ingredients together over ice.  I don’t have a cocktail shaker so I used a regular measuring cup.  I decided on Gin over Vodka because I felt the added flavor of juniper in the Gin would be a nice compliment to the sweetness of the Moscato.  Then the elderflower lemonade would add a little more acid and tartness to the drink.  The elderflower reminded me of lemon verbena. I have no idea why because I don’t think I’ve ever even had lemon verbena but that’s where my head went.  This cocktail would be great before dinner, for brunch, or out on the patio when summer finally arrives.  You could serve this up on the rocks too.

Centorri Moscato runs $12.98/bottle. We have it in stock. Email me at courtney@thehappylush if you want the hookup.

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