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Festive Cranberry Bourbon Mule

I love the holidays!  It’s the time of year when we can eat, drink, and be merry and not worry about it.  I feel I am most creative this time of year too. Perhaps it’s because I don’t hold back worrying about what I eat or how much I should be drinking.  I’m all in right now and the recipe below certainly plays to that!  Tim and I were enjoying some drinks at the hotel bar last weekend while we were in Seattle; he ordered a blackberry Bourbon mule, and after I stole a few sips, I decided I needed to make a cranberry version. We always have wine open but this time of year especially, enjoying a cocktail before dinner feels a little more festive.  You can find fresh cranberries in the grocery store now, and I picked the last of the thyme in my garden as a garnish.  Rosemary would be lovely too!  Frost the cranberries in sugar for a more elegant look- use a slightly damp paper towel to get them wet and then roll them around in some sugar. 

When making a mule, I feel the Bourbon, and Ginger Beers makes or breaks the cocktail for me.  We prefer Bulliet Bourbon, so that is what I called for in this recipe as well as the spicy Royal Jamaican Ginger Beer.  It has a stronger ginger taste and a hint of sweetness that works great with the bourbon.  You can use any plain cranberry juice but I would advise against using any of the fruit cocktail cranberry juices, or your cocktail will be overly sweet.

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