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Homemade Breakfast Biscuits

Sunday mornings at our house require homemade breakfast biscuits.  And not just any biscuits, my husband’s grandmothers “humpy biscuits.”    Luckily, they are easy to make and always turn out and are delicious this time of year with my breakfast pumpkin butter.

Family Recipes- Homemade Breakfast Biscuits

I only met Miriam, Tim’s grandmother, a handful of times. She lived in Arizona by the time I came into the picture and passed away shortly after we were married.  I’m thankful for this biscuit recipe of hers because there’s something special about making a family recipe and sharing it with my littles.  I imagine Miriam in her kitchen on a cold Minnesota Sunday morning drinking Maxwell House and making these biscuits for her FIVE children.  These biscuits are named “humpy biscuits” because as a kid, my father-in-law thought they had a lot of “humps.”   When I make these biscuits for my kiddo’s, Tim always talks about Grandma Barker and makes up a story about Pee-Pa sneaking a few extra.  We all laugh, and my heart always feels so full.  I love family recipes for that very reason.

Biscuits and coffee

Old Fashioned Yum

These biscuits call for shortening.  Now before you get all uptight about that, let me tell you that you really should use shortening.  They just won’t turn out the same without it.  I use Spectrum brand organic shortening and the biscuits end up having a flaky texture.  If you replace the shortening with butter or something else, the biscuits will fall apart and be crumbly.  Believe me, I’ve tried all the things and shortening is the only way to go.

When mixing the dough for these biscuits, I use my hands rather than a spoon.  The dough comes together quicker, and it just seems easier.  You can add a little bit more sugar to the recipe if you prefer; I sometimes use 2 tsp for a slightly sweeter biscuit when I’m making them for shortcake.  The recipe makes 12 small biscuits but I usually make 6 large biscuits.

Reply below and let me know if your family enjoyed these “humpy biscuits.”  Don’t forget to try out my quick breakfast pumpkin butter to go with!

Biscuits with Coffee

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