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New Year’s Eve Kir Royal

You better be making some Champagne cocktails this holiday season!  They require minimal effort, but the payoff is huge. The Kir Royal, a combination of Champagne and creme de cassis, is an excellent choice for your bar when entertaining during the holiday season.  I’m surprised the French even want to put anything in their Champagne, but apparently, cassis isn’t like, gasp, orange juice in your bubbly!  This cocktail makes for a pretty and different drink at your bar for New Year’s Eve.

Way back in the day, like in the 1840’s, Felix Kir of Dijon, France invented the Kir cocktail.  There are two types: The Kir and The Kir Royal.  The Kir Royal is fancier because the recipe calls for Champagne where a Kir calls for white wine such as a white Burgundy.  Since it’s the holidays, I figured I’d go all out and be fancy and make a Kir Royal.  I also brought out Tim’s grandmothers gorgeous Champagne coupe glasses.  I have these stored in a box in my closet because I’m so terrified they’ll get broken but every now and again I’ll pull them out to admire or carefully drink from them.  Aren’t they gorgeous?

You want to choose a quality Champagne for this recipe since the flavor of the wine still stands out.  I poured the Francois Montand Brut.  Not Champagne since the wine comes from Jura however, it is made in the Champagne style and is a lot less expensive. Like, try $12.98/bottle!  Seriously, that is the price for a quality French bubbly!!  The bottle is festive too which makes you look and feel fancy.  You can find creme de cassis at any liquor store, but you know what I’m going to say now: buy quality!

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