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Cucumber Prosecco Rainbow Float

St Patrick’s Day is a hard one for wine lovers.  I mean, beer lovers rejoice in slamming back as many green beers as possible while downing bangers and mash.  But the wine lover?  Not so much.  Sure you can enjoy a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand or perhaps a Grüner Veltliner from Austria, both may have grass and green herb notes.  But it’s not quite the same nor do they taste as good with corned beef like an ice-cold beer. So what’s a wine lover to do?

Are you Irish?

Even though I’m not Irish, I do have a lot of Scottish in my lineage, and both my son and I have a lot of red in our hair.  So I pretend I’m Irish because, hey, who wouldn’t on St Patrick’s Day?  And I do like beer (winos can drink beer too), but it does leave me feeling bloated and full, so I usually reach for wine even on a special occasion.  So I decided to make a cocktail.  This cocktail is not Irish.  Nor does it pair awesomely (is that a word?) with Irish food.  But it’s festive, and that’s where it gets the win!  I’m all about the celebration and sparkle, and this Cucumber Prosecco Rainbow Float meets both of those requirements.  Plus, this drink is E-A-S-Y!

On the rocks or blended?

I made this cocktail float style but after I was done shooting the pictures, I mashed it all up in the glass, and it was amazingly good as a wineshake too.  I chose rainbow sherbet from Halo Top because it made me feel better about myself adding some protein to my alcoholic cocktail.  I mean, where we can get it, right? It did have more orange flavor and color than I wanted so lime sherbet would be the best option if you were going all leprechaun and stuff.  And my mint started to look a little ghetto so I would skip that next time but it did add some green flair.

Mix it Up!

I found this cucumber lime vodka at my local grocery store which inspired this cocktail idea.  Then I had some white rum in my cupboard, and I always use Prosecco instead of club soda, I mean, duh!  But you can mix this up to your taste and use the vodka and prosecco or maybe just the vodka, rum, and club soda.  Or just prosecco and perhaps cucumber coconut water.  So mix it up to your taste and enjoy a fun cocktail on St Patrick’s Day this year!  Make sure to check out my Raspberry Lime Lush Punch for another fun party drink!  If you like this or any other recipes on my page, please share with your friends! If you made this recipe or any others, comment below and tell me how you liked it:)

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