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Quick Breakfast Pumpkin Butter

This quick breakfast pumpkin butter is the kind of thing you can whip up to transform your breakfast from boring to hallelujah in a mere matter of minutes.  And this time of year, who can resist anything pumpkin?

Whip Whip

All you need is a stick of butter, canned pumpkin, and some spices.  Whip and spread.  I use this same recipe in the summer with berries, and both are fantastic on Grandma Barker’s humpy biscuits.  The butter needs to be soft so either leave it out on the counter or soften in the microwave.  If you do the latter, which I am so last minute, I almost always use the microwave, use a large measuring cup to soften the butter.  That way, you can use it as your mixing bowl too. I soften the butter for about 25 seconds, so it’s melted slightly but soft.  Don’t melt the butter all the way or your butter will end up with a weird consistency.

Pumpkin butter in bowl

Winter Spices

I’m not much of a nutmeg girl, and it seems that everywhere there’s pumpkin there’s nutmeg.  I leave it out in this recipe but feel free to add it if you love it.  Pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon is all I use but any spice you use for pumpkin pie would work great. Just a word of caution, you may end up eating this butter by the spoonful, and before you know it, the whole bowl will be gone.

Make sure to spread this pumpkin butter on the humpy biscuits.  These biscuits are my husband’s Grandmothers recipe that she made for him when he was little.  When we were first married, he handed me the recipe.  I took the hint and have made them on the regular ever since.

I hope you enjoy this quick breakfast pumpkin butter.  Please leave a reply if you make it and tell me what you think!  I’d love to hear.

Pumpkin Butter with biscuits in background

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