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Quick Chicken Pot Pie for Busy Weeknights

Quick chicken pot pie is for when, in the span of three days, your kid tells you he lost his ASB card, his water bottle, and his soccer team jacket.  Kids.  I feel for him though.  As Kyle’s been transitioning into middle school, his days have gotten busier, and he seems more overwhelmed.  It’s a lot to carry a backpack that weighs 16lbs (no joke,) catch the city bus every day, navigate multiple classes, and participate in two sports.  But he’s crushing it, and this mama is so proud.


And this quick chicken pot pie is his favorite.  I know the crust is what he really loves, but he gobbles up the soup too which is my ultimate goal.  The soup itself is dairy and gluten free, but the crust is Pilsbury.  You can make your own crust or use puff pastry or biscuits.  My kids prefer pie crust, and since I didn’t want to take the time to make a pie crust, I let the Pillsbury dough boy do the work for me.  But we’ve got options which is what you want in a quick weeknight meal.

The base of the soup is a mix of leeks, onions, yukon gold potatoes, water, coconut milk, and vegetable bouillon.  Cook down the leeks and onions until they are soft then add the potatoes, water, milk, and bouillon.  Bring to a boil and cook until the potatoes are soft.  Once soft, transfer to a blender and blend it all up. The potatoes thicken the soup base, and since my husband doesn’t eat much dairy, I use this base for a lot of soups such as white bean and ham.  I’ll be posting that soon!quick chicken pot pie soup

Now since this is a quick chicken pot pie, we should talk about the chicken.  Again, options.  Some nights when we are super busy, I use the Foster Farms frozen bagged shredded chicken. This stuff saves my life again and again.  It’s great for shredded chicken sandwiches in the Instapot or chicken curry which is another one of my go-to’s during the week.  Tonight I used up some leftover chicken thighs.  If you are a veg-head, skip the chicken all together and throw in a few more veggies.

Dump that chicken in the soup base and then add the peas and carrots. You can cut your own carrots or use frozen.  When I picked up my ClickList the other day, they substituted my 12oz bag of mixed peas and carrots for a five-pound bag!!  Since I have peas and carrots up the whazoo now, I’m using those.  Plus who wants to chop veggies on a busy weeknight?

Chicken pot pie heart-shaped crustTwo quick chicken pot piesFamily Time

I usually make this quick chicken pot pie on Thursday nights.  It’s the one night we are all home by 5:30 pm and can have a real family dinner.  It’s comfort food for a comfy kinda night.  You can prep these a day or so ahead and if you want to be even more of a #momboss, you can cook ahead and just reheat in the oven before dinner.  I prefer to precook because they aren’t so blasted hot. I burn my tongue EVERY TIME.  When I meal plan and I know I’m going to make these, I try to have chicken and potatoes on Wednesday with enough leftovers so I can get these pot pies done even faster.

Chicken pot pie in ramekin

If you are loving these quick chicken pot pies so much and now want a glass of vino to go with them, I would go with a Chardonnay.  Now before you get all “I hate Chardonnay” cray cray on me, let me tell you that the roundness of the Chardonnay is dying to join this pie crust and the thick soup.  I’m just sayin’ you should try it.  A few Chardonnay’s to try out would be Phelps Creek Lynette Chardonnay from Hood River, Oregon (my FAVORITE EVER) or Sparkman Cellars Lumiere Chardonnay (SO GOOD!)  Or throw all that out the window and open a bottle of bubbly.  Because bubbly goes with everything:)  My rosemary prosecco mule would be delish!

Do you have a favorite comfort food?  I’d love to hear about it!!

Two chicken pot pie hearts

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