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Rosemary Prosecco Mule for the Holidays

It’s Mule week here at The Happy Lush and this Rosemary Prosecco Mule is so good!  My previous post used Bourbon as the base where this recipe is all about the bubbly.  Prosecco makes a terrific bubbly to use in cocktails for several reasons: it’s reasonably priced, has a fruitier flavor which works well in cocktails, and the bubbles are festive.

I love Le Contesse Prosecco, and it’s about all I use in bubbly cocktails.  I call it the “other blue labeled Prosecco” because this one tastes way better and is still a bargain.  It’s easy drinking and has soft, beautiful bubbles that will add elegance to your drink.  I used some fresh rosemary, sugared cranberries, and crystallized ginger as a garnish.  Raspberries would work great too!  What I love about this cocktail is that it works from morning until night; drink it with quiche in the morning or with heavy hors’ D’oeuvres at night.

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