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The Best Sherry Cobbler Cocktail

Sherry is a style of wine made from the Palomino grape mostly in the area of Jerez, Spain.  The Palomino grape thrives in this area due to the hot climate and the chalky soil called Albarizo.  The grapes produce wine low in acid and that lack aroma which is a benefit for making sherry because oxidation and fortification add the main flavors to the wine.

The best way to enjoy sherry

I find most people aren’t as excited about sherry like I am.  But I’m telling you, if you like oysters on the half shell, clams, or muscles, you MUST drink a Fino.  You’ll thank me.  However, I find the best way to get people to enjoy this style of wine is in a cocktail. Plus this drink calls for bourbon soaked cherries, need I say more?  You can make your own but I’m much too lazy, so I bought the Woodford soaked cherries off of Amazon.  All the cherries were intact, they looked fresh and tasted as much, and I might have had several while prepping these cocktails…sherry cocktail, cocktails, summer drinks

What type of sherry to buy

Now before you go and Click List the sherry on this weeks grocery list, please note, you do not want to use the bottom shelf sherry nor the sherry made for cooking.  These will not taste good.  You need to invest in quality sherry which you can either get from me or any good wine shop.  Lustau is a solid brand, but I love La Guita Manzanilla.  Manzanilla is made outside of Jerez in Sanlucar de Barrameda.  The cooler climate creates a thicker flor (yeast), and the resulting wine is tangy.  It gives this cocktail a little bit of a sour note that plays nicely with the sweetness of the ginger ale and cherry juice.  You can use any Fino style sherry just look for Fino or Manzanilla on the label.  For a sweeter cocktail try an Oloroso or Amontillado.  I would stay away from the sweet sherries such as PX or cream sherry; these are excellent on their own or with sugared pecans as a dessert!

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To order your La Guita Manzanilla sherry for only $10.98 (plus tax and shipping), reply below or send me a quick email at  Try this cocktail with my waffled grilled cheese!

Do you love sherry or use it in cocktails?  I’d love to hear about it below.  If you like this recipe, make sure to share it!

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