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Spooky Halloween Snack Mix

This spooky Halloween snack mix isn’t too sweet and is a great treat this Halloween.  Your house will have all the holiday smells of pumpkin and spice, and your kids will gobble it all up in no time.  It’s yummy for adults too especially with a nice cold glass of Chardonnay.  Make it in the microwave to save yourself some time, so you have more time to hang out with your little monsters this Halloween.

Spooky Snack mix on a tray and in cute cups

Candy Corn Lover?

My kids love candy corn, and while I think it’s good, it’s not a go-to for me when it comes to Halloween candy.  I also don’t like them just gobbling down the straight sugar by the handful, so I came up with this snack recipe, so we both win.  I use pumpkin pie spice for flavor, add some honey for sweetness and honey roasted peanuts and pumpkin seeds for crunch.  We don’t do much wheat in my house, so this recipe only calls for rice and corn Chex but feel free to add the wheat if you like it.

Spooky snack mix in a little cup

Microwave Vs. Oven

I used to make the snack mix in the oven, but then a friend of mine told me about the microwave.  I’m not a huge microwave person, so I was skeptical at first.  But once I tried it, I was like HOT DAMN this is way better!  I rarely make the full batch (six cups) because who needs that much snack mix?  If you have more than two boys in your house, I suppose you might need too, but I don’t so I cut this recipe to only three cups.  Make it easy and melt the butter in a large mixing bowl and then add everything but the candy and cook in two-minute increments for six minutes in the microwave.  Lay it all out on a cookie sheet to cool and then add the candy.  Done.

Enjoy this snack mix with a nice bottle of Chardonnay such as Martin Ray from Sonoma, California.

If you enjoyed this recipe, I’d love to hear from you.  Please reply below!  Have a Happy Halloween!

Spooky Snack mix in a cup

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