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Strawberry Vanilla Frozé Wine Slushie

This week I celebrate my birthday and Mother’s Day. It always signals the beginning of the summer season for me because the trees have finally leafed out, the flowers are blooming, my allergies are in full-swing, and we usually have our first hot day.  As the temperature starts heating up and we are hanging out more on the back patio, I like to make a wine slushie.  They are quick, easy, and can be made with virtually any wine: red, white, and rosé.Wine slushie

What is a wine slushie?

A wine slushie is a combination of wine, fruit, sweetener, and ice blended into a slushie.  Wine slushies were a summertime staple on the wine menu at my wine bar a few years ago.  Customers loved them and would ask for the recipe to make at home.  We served a cinnamon and berry red blend slushie, a white slushy with raspberries and Pinot Gris, and this frozé with strawberries, peach, and vanilla.  At the time, many wine snobs were upping their noses wondering why anyone could make a slushie with wine. Now everyone is making them and for a good reason.  They are delicious!wine slushie

Strawberry Vanilla Frozé

Always made with rosé wine, a frozé can be light and fruity to darker and sweet depending on the wine and fruit used.  For this recipe, I used Roses Roses rosé by Odella which is a blend of three Italian grapes.  It’s fruity with enough acid to keep it refreshing and has nice strawberry and peach notes.  I used frozen strawberries and frozen peaches with a touch of vanilla for this frozé.  Because I used frozen fruit, I didn’t need ice.  Now that berries are coming in season, you could use fresh and add about 1 cup of ice. 

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