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Amaretto Butterscotch Coffee Cocktail

Last week was all about Bourbon, and this week is all about Amaretto.  Amaretto is my favorite liqueur, especially when combined with coffee and butterscotch; the aroma is warm, sweet, and all holiday.  I first served this cocktail a few years ago at Christmas where my boozy drink loving sister and I enjoyed several.  It’s what sisters do, right? (more…)

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Amaretto Coffee Yule Log

This recipe came about a few weeks ago when I was making my mother-in-laws Jack Daniels chocolate cake.  I love boozy cakes and her recipe is delicious but the bourbon flavor is strong and while the alcohol mostly cooks out, I still worried my kids might have a hangover if they ate more than a bite.  Wanting to use my yule log pan and wanting to make a boozy cake, I substituted the bourbon with half Amaretto and half coffee and it worked like a charm. (more…)

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