Say YES to a Happy Life!

Easy Arugula Avocado Crab Cakes

The invention of online grocery shopping has changed my life.  Let me give a shout out to Fred Meyer Click List.  The Fred Meyer (Kroger) by my house is busy all the time.  It’s impossible to find a parking spot, and when it’s pouring down rain, I abandon my grocery mission and pick up Papa Murphy’s.  But with online ordering, I order my groceries Saturday or Sunday night, while kicking back with wine in hand watching a movie with my kids. I can order the ingredients for these quick and easy crab cakes, pick up my groceries in the morning, and have time before dinner for more wine. Super awesomeness.   (more…)

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Herbed Goat Cheese Balls

I don’t always have time for lunch and most days I need something portable, delicious, and something that’s not going to make me falls asleep right after I eat it. These herbed goat cheese balls fit the bill and I find myself making them for happy hour with friends too because you know, WINE. So do yourself a favor and get a 10oz goat cheese log in your fridge pronto so you can be prepared.  Mainly so you have something to go with your wine but we’ll keep telling ourselves it’s for lunch, mmm k? (more…)

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