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My Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie

My daughter LOVES to bake, so I’ve been gathering recipes and trying them out with her.  My favorite food website, magazine and TV show is Cooks Illustrated.  The step by step instructions and the science behind why you should do something a certain way is so helpful for me.  Plus I find it fascinating!  Ellie was dying to make cookies, and I’m not making up my own cookie recipe any time soon, so I turned to Cooks Illustrated instead. (more…)

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Amaretto Coffee Yule Log

This recipe came about a few weeks ago when I was making my mother-in-laws Jack Daniels chocolate cake.  I love boozy cakes and her recipe is delicious but the bourbon flavor is strong and while the alcohol mostly cooks out, I still worried my kids might have a hangover if they ate more than a bite.  Wanting to use my yule log pan and wanting to make a boozy cake, I substituted the bourbon with half Amaretto and half coffee and it worked like a charm. (more…)

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