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New Year’s Eve Kir Royal

You better be making some Champagne cocktails this holiday season!  They require minimal effort, but the payoff is huge. The Kir Royal, a combination of Champagne and creme de cassis, is an excellent choice for your bar when entertaining during the holiday season.  I’m surprised the French even want to put anything in their Champagne, but apparently, cassis isn’t like, gasp, orange juice in your bubbly!  This cocktail makes for a pretty and different drink at your bar for New Year’s Eve. (more…)

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Rosemary Prosecco Mule for the Holidays

It’s Mule week here at The Happy Lush and this Rosemary Prosecco Mule is so good!  My previous post used Bourbon as the base where this recipe is all about the bubbly.  Prosecco makes a terrific bubbly to use in cocktails for several reasons: it’s reasonably priced, has a fruitier flavor which works well in cocktails, and the bubbles are festive. (more…)

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Tis the Season for Lambrusco

I love a great Lambrusco but whenever I mention the wine to folks, I always get a strange look.  If you were born pre-1970 you think I’m talking about the horrific Riunite wine that flooded the market in the 70’s and 80’s.  If you were born post-1970 you have no idea what I’m talking about.

The sweet Lambrusco that flooded the American market in the 1970’s and 80’s such as Riunite, has given the wine a less than stellar reputation.  The good news is, quality Lambrusco is making its way back on the shelves and I’m doing my part to share the message that this wine is legit. (more…)

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