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Kalimotxo (Calimocho) Cocktail

I love hot dogs and if there was no such thing as cardiac arrest, I would eat them every day.  I don’t know when my love for hot dogs started but it has evolved over the years.  It starts with inhaling, I mean, eating dogs with ketchup and mustard and then as an adult, you add the relish and maybe some sauerkraut.  I was having a debate with a friend about hot dogs and which condiments were appropriate to add if you are a real hot dog enthusiast.  He said its all about the steamed dog and bun and never, ever, under any circumstances should you add ketchup.  He was so emphatic about it I was a little shocked; he was as serious about hot dogs as I was about wine.  But had he heard of a Kalimotxo? (more…)

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