Say YES to a Happy Life!

3 Steps to Find More Time in Your Day

Did you wake up this morning thinking ah crap, it’s Monday?  Or maybe, if you live around here, you thought ah crap it’s snowing, and it’s Monday, and if my kids don’t have school I might have a nervous breakdown and have to drink three bottles of Prosecco by noon because of the stress of your forever long to-do list?


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Age Gracefully Like Fine Wine

Do you struggle with your weight?  I for sure struggle with it when I allow myself too.  In fact, I just scarfed down a tortilla with cold cheese. I mean I didn’t even heat it up to make it a real quesadilla.  I was starving and too lazy to make anything else, and if there had been leftover pizza or something, I would have just eaten it cold over the sink.  Look, some days are just like that, and you can’t beat yourself up over it. (more…)

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