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Rosemary Prosecco Mule for the Holidays

It’s Mule week here at The Happy Lush and this Rosemary Prosecco Mule is so good!  My previous post used Bourbon as the base where this recipe is all about the bubbly.  Prosecco makes a terrific bubbly to use in cocktails for several reasons: it’s reasonably priced, has a fruitier flavor which works well in cocktails, and the bubbles are festive. (more…)

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Festive Cranberry Bourbon Mule

I love the holidays!  It’s the time of year when we can eat, drink, and be merry and not worry about it.  I feel I am most creative this time of year too. Perhaps it’s because I don’t hold back worrying about what I eat or how much I should be drinking.  I’m all in right now and the recipe below certainly plays to that!  Tim and I were enjoying some drinks at the hotel bar last weekend while we were in Seattle; he ordered a blackberry Bourbon mule, and after I stole a few sips, I decided I needed to make a cranberry version. (more…)

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