Say YES to a Happy Life!

Cucumber Prosecco Rainbow Float

St Patrick’s Day is a hard one for wine lovers.  I mean, beer lovers rejoice in slamming back as many green beers as possible while downing bangers and mash.  But the wine lover?  Not so much.  Sure you can enjoy a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand or perhaps a Grüner Veltliner from Austria, both may have grass and green herb notes.  But it’s not quite the same nor do they taste as good with corned beef like an ice-cold beer. So what’s a wine lover to do? (more…)

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Creamy and Delicious Wineshakes

The dessert opportunities during the holidays are fantastic, aren’t they? I mean, there’s fudge, fruit cake, and endless cookies. I was looking for something a little different, and I had to look no further than a wineshake!  Yes, I said a wineshake, a blend of ice cream and wine.  I’m a fan of wine slushies during the summer, but they don’t have the richness I was looking for in a wintertime dessert.  That’s when I thought to use ice cream and believe me, I’m glad I did! (more…)

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