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Fulltime RV Life- A typical day

This post will let you know what a typcial day living fulltime in an RV looks like for us.

Several people have asked me what a typical day looks like living fulltime in an RV. Problem is, we don’t have typical days anymore. In fact, all of our days are different and no two look the same.

Our days don’t start with an alarm clock

Our days don’t start with an alarm clock. We no longer yell “where are your shoes and backpack?” while rushing out the door in the morning, nor do we eat dinner as fast as we can to make it to practice.

We wake up when we wake up, we learn through experiences and do school year-round, we get outside every day, we visit historic locations and have discussions about the important issues that happened there, and most of all, we have downtime together. A lot of “I’m bored,” and a lot of “go figure it out.”

Adjusting takes time

It’s been an adjustment to feel comfortable living this way. We are brainwashed into thinking we must be busy and working all the time to have any self-worth. It’s simply not true. Every day I push myself to slow down even more; sleep until 7 am, walk not run, PLAY with my kids, read in the middle
of the afternoon, and work and create with Tim because we are passionate about this lifestyle.

We’ve had to learn to shut out the, “well, must be nice” and the “I could never do that” and the “I have a real job and things to take care of” excuses people say when they talk to us about fulltime travel. We worked for a lot of years to get us to this point. We made tough choices to have non-typical days as we have now.

Experience a non-traditional lifestyle

Anyone can live this way and should experience some type of non-traditional life at some point. It doesn’t happen overnight, and you have to be willing to give up certain things to gain new things- do you know what it’s like to share a tiny bathroom with a teenage boy???? And you have to be willing to take a risk and not know what’s going to happen. It’s there that the amazing happens!

Think about something you want and make a plan to grab it. Be prepared this process will take time, discipline, setbacks, and courage, but you will be blessed beyond measure once you get there. Never give up when it comes to living the life of your dreams. It’s possible, I promise.

Are you living a non-traditional lifestyle? Tell me about it below!

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