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5 Must-Have Wine Gadgets

There are a plethora of wine gadgets on the market ranging from sulfite and histamine removers to wine condoms.  Yes, you just read that correctly.  Are all these gadgets worth it or will they end up filling your kitchen junk drawer?  Skip the condom (in this case only) and buy these five wine gadgets you’ll actually use.

Wine gadget #1- wine keyWine Gadget #3: Wine Key (Sommelier Knife/Waiter’s friend)

There are many different types of wine openers on the market but the best investment is a sturdy and reliable wine key.  I was intimidated the first time I used a wine key because they do take a little bit of practice to figure out.  But keep trying until you get the hang of it because they are small, cheap, and convenient.  I prefer a wine key with a thicker handle, two steps on the lever for easier cork removal, and a bigger knife to cut the foil.  Purchase a few and see which one you prefer using.

Preferred: HiCoup Waiters Corkscrew

Wine gadget #2- champagne stopperWine Gadget #2: Champagne Stopper

Right now you are rolling your eyes and thinking “sister please, I drink the WHOLE bottle of bubbles.”  You probably do.  You need the stopper for the SECOND bottle. Okay, THIRD bottle.  Keep your bottle fresh for up to 4 days with a bubble stopper.  There are a few types to choose from, and I like them all.  In my wine shop, I used the plastic variety, and they worked just as well as the bigger contraptions.  If you need one, let me know.  I have a ton left over from the shop and am happy to give them away!

Preferred: Veraison Wine Events Champagne Stopper (email me for your free one!)

wine gadget #3- air pumpWine Gadget #3: Air pump and rubber corks

Yes, wine condoms and rubber corks.  Hmmm…  Anywho, you do need an air pump in your wine arsenal.  Yes, you could just put the cork back in the bottle to save it (not under your kitchen counter lights) and drink the rest up tomorrow.  However, when you re-cork, oxygen is trapped inside the bottle and oxygen is like Darth Vader and the Dark Side.  The trapped oxygen will kill your wine so pump it all out with an air pump and rubber cork.  The rubber cork will keep the wine from leaking so you can lay the wine on its side in the proper fridge until you are ready to drink.

Preferred: Vacu Vin Wine Saver 

haley corkerWine Gadget #4: Haley’s Corker

The Haley Corker is a five in one gadget and worth every penny.  It’s a rubber cork with a screen on the top for aerating and filtering the wine with a closer to keep the wine fresh.  It also keeps the wine from spilling when pouring which to me, is the best benefit.  If you don’t take my advice and invest in an air pump, at least buy one of these since it will keep your wine fresh for a day or two.  We used these in our wine shop for our bar wines, and only air pumped them after the second day open. 

Preferred: Haley’s Corker

Wine Gadget #5: Decanter

I am hesitant to recommend a decanter because you don’t really need one.  You can decant in the bottle, by pouring into a glass, or use a pitcher.  Decanters are pretty and quick plus any good wino wants to look the part, am I right?  I love my Riedel Cabernet Decanter.  It’s basic, works for most wines, and is affordable.  Some Riedel decanters are ridiculously expensive and not worth it unless you want it just to want it.  But I’d rather spend my money on wine.  However, you want the wine to have enough room to open up and release all the aromas and flavors.  This makes a wine “open up” and not taste “tight” and a decanter is an easy way to make this happen.

Preferred: Riedel Cabernet Decanter

Stop wasting money on wine gadgets you don’t need.  For roughly $100 you can invest in five gadgets you’ll actually use. Do you have wine gadgets you love to use?  Let me know about it in the comments below!

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